When I was a junior copywriter in Glasgow my mentor told me to go out and listen to people to watch them and strike up conversations; "that way you will learn how to achieve your potential”. Today, I do that with my art.

My art is also very much like my life. Whenever I go somewhere I seek out new and out of the way places and people to discover and enjoy. No tourist traps or trendy restaurants where the trendsetters go. I explore the unusual and the new as well as the old and ancient.
I visit art galleries, people creating art on the streets, children painting, children playing, people doodling on the train or bus, parks, deserted and un-deserted beaches, run down shacks and posh houses.

I look at every shape, medium and surface, listen to people, music and life. I feel every emotion, whether my own or somebodyelses. I digest and let it evolve. Then, these emotions within me chose the medium, the colours,the surface, the tool and then I create. Always evolving to avoid stagnation.

Life is good; Life is ART.